lotus grasping-pg电子竞技平台

  • 浜у搧鍚嶇о: lotus grasping
  • 浜у搧鍒嗙被: dismantling of waste vehicles
  • 鍏徃鍚嶇о: 鐑熷彴宸ㄧ繑寤虹瓚鏈烘鏈夐檺鍏徃
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  • 鑱旂郴鍦板潃: 灞变笢鐪佺儫鍙板競绂忓北鍖哄嚖鍑板北璺?08鍙?/span>
  • 娣诲姞鏃堕棿: 19/01/25
1. thyssenkrupp xar400 wear resistance steel is adopted, with light texture and excellent wear resistance.
2. the products of the same grade have the largest grasping force and the widest grasping distance.
3. the high-pressure hose of the cylinder is built-in, and the oil pipeline is completely closed, which protects the hose and prolongs its service life.
4. the cylinder is equipped with a contamination ring, which can effectively prevent tiny impurities in the hydraulic oil from damaging the sealing parts.