• 浜у搧鍚嶇о: h-type fast connector
  • 浜у搧鍒嗙被: architectural engineering
  • 鍏徃鍚嶇о: 鐑熷彴宸ㄧ繑寤虹瓚鏈烘鏈夐檺鍏徃
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  • 娣诲姞鏃堕棿: 19/01/22
product characteristics:
(1) integrative mechanical design of high strength manganese steel and structure is durable and suitable for assembly requirements of excavators of various tonnages.
(2) electric switches are installed in the cab to replace the high-cost oil pressure by electricity, which is convenient for the driver to operate.
(3) each cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic control one-way valve and a mechanical locking safety device to ensure that the fast connector can work normally when the oil circuit and circuit are cut off.
(4) each fast connector is equipped with safety pin protection system to ensure that the fast connector can work normally and play the role of "double insurance" when the oil cylinder of the fast connector fails.