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  • 浜у搧鍚嶇о: car cutting scissors
  • 浜у搧鍒嗙被: dismantling of waste vehicles
  • 鍏徃鍚嶇о: 鐑熷彴宸ㄧ繑寤虹瓚鏈烘鏈夐檺鍏徃
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  • 娣诲姞鏃堕棿: 19/01/22
1. use special rotary support, flexible operation, stable performance and large torque.
2. the thyssenkrupp xar400 wear resistance steel is used for shear body, which has high strength and shear force.
3. the blades are made of imported materials and have longer service life.
4. the clamp arm fixes the disassembled vehicle in three directions to facilitate disassembly of the disassembly shears.
5. disassembly shears with clamp arm can quickly disassemble all kinds of scrap vehicles.