multi grabs-pg电子竞技平台

  • 浜у搧鍚嶇о: multi grabs
  • 浜у搧鍒嗙被: architectural engineering
  • 鍏徃鍚嶇о: 鐑熷彴宸ㄧ繑寤虹瓚鏈烘鏈夐檺鍏徃
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  • 娣诲姞鏃堕棿: 19/01/22
1. 360 degree hydraulic rotation to provide more flexible grasping effect.
2. dual motors rotate with greater torque.
3. the grab edge is made of thyssenkrupp xar400 wear resistance steel, which has a longer service life.
4. balance valve is built in the cylinder to keep clamping force and ensure higher safety.
5. the cylinder and control connecting rod are built-in. the shell provides protection and keeps grasping synchronization.