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  • 浜у搧鍚嶇о: hydraulic pile hammer
  • 浜у搧鍒嗙被: architectural engineering
  • 鍏徃鍚嶇о: 鐑熷彴宸ㄧ繑寤虹瓚鏈烘鏈夐檺鍏徃
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  • 娣诲姞鏃堕棿: 19/01/22
1. hydraulic rotary motors and gears are built-in, which can effectively avoid oil pollution and collision. gear replacement is convenient, closely matched, stable and durable.
2. the box body adopts an open structure to ensure the balance of pressure in the box and stable heat exhaust.
3. imported high-performance shock-absorbing rubber blocks are adopted, with stable quality and long service life.
4. adopt imported hydraulic motor with stable performance and excellent quality.
5. the jacket cylinder has strong thrust and pressure-retaining, and is stable and reliable. it ensures that the pile body does not loosen and the construction safety is guaranteed.
6. the material of the clamp is imported wear-resistant plate, which has stable performance and long service life.