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how to operate car scissors to save oil
disassembly shears are suitable for different operations, including steel structure fracture, scrap treatment and other applications. it can cut iron, steel, tanks, pipes, etc. the design and innovation of disassembly shears ensure good operation and cutting force, and have better performance than ordinary shears. in its basic application projects, it can be used for the disassembly of abandoned vehicles, instead of manual work, to increase the efficiency of disassembly. the scrap automobile crusher is mainly used to disassemble automobile body, starter, tire and other components, complete the whole process of mechanized disassembly, increase operation efficiency, reduce work intensity and reduce environmental pollution.

because the external hydraulic system of the disassembly shears provides oil pressure for the hydraulic cylinder, thus obtaining effective shear force to complete the disassembly work, the economic application of the disassembly shears is not only reflected in how to maintain the good performance of the machine, reduce the cost loss caused by the failure, but also how to operate more fuel-efficient.

first of all, in the process of use of the disassembly shears, the force should be uniform and not excessively pressurized, which can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also protect the relevant components, and improve work efficiency.

reasonable disassembly planning according to different work items can also facilitate the smooth progress of the work, thus reducing the fuel consumption problem caused by the time-consuming disassembly work.

in addition, in the operation process of the disassembly shears to reduce resistance, but also play a role in reducing fuel consumption in disguised form. we should try our best to avoid doing invalid actions. the oil consumed by doing invalid actions is completely wasted.

good use of oil can not only give full play to the performance of disassembly shears, but also reduce fuel consumption. hydraulic oil viscosity should be moderate, oil viscosity temperature index should not be less than 90, good hydraulic oil should have good resistance and hydrolysis stability.

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