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introduction to the performance of lotus grab hydraulic cylinder
hydraulic lotus grasp takes excavator as the bearing body, carries on different series of work, relies on the hydraulic system of excavator to control the opening and closing action of jaw valve, and completes the flexible grasp of materials. foundation pit excavation, deep pit excavation and loading of mud, sand, coal, gravel, ditch or restricted space on one side of excavation and loading, iron and steel enterprises, ports, wharfs, railway ports, freight yards, material yards, etc., for scrap steel, bulk debris, wood, slag and other materials in the loading, unloading, stacking and transshipment project applications, the application of lotus grasp greatly saves human labor. force,

lotus grab is composed of hydraulic cylinder, bucket (jaw plate), connecting column, bucket ear plate, bucket ear sleeve, bucket teeth, tooth base and other spare parts. hydraulic cylinder is the key driving component. the performance of hydraulic cylinder has a decisive influence on the construction performance of lotus grasp. the design of the hydraulic transmission system should be carried out simultaneously with the overall design of the main engine. in order to design a simple, reliable, low-cost, high-efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance hydraulic transmission system, it is necessary to proceed from the actual situation and organically combine various transmission forms to give full play to the advantages of hydraulic transmission.

in the long-term application, we can also know the high-precision positioning ability and smooth operation effect of the hydraulic cylinder itself, so that the operation of the system is more reliable and the quality of the hydraulic cylinder can achieve high strength and high speed stable operation.

stable life and more abundant functions make the utilization rate of hydraulic lotus grasp soar year by year. understanding the advantages and configuration of hydraulic cylinder in all aspects can facilitate the stable connection of various control systems for lotus grasp operation, so that the hydraulic cylinder can play a stable installation value and achieve reliable mechanical configuration and reliable operation mode.

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