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how to operate wood grabbers correctly
wood grabbers are made of special steel with light texture, high elasticity and wear resistance. the use of special rotary gears prolongs the life of products and reduces maintenance costs. different specifications of wood grabbing machines can be used for stone work, wood sugarcane work, waste work, pipe work, garden operation, masonry engineering and all other clamping operations.

in order to give full play to the higher working efficiency of wood grabbers, operators are required to standardize their operation behavior and use wood grabbers correctly. to this end, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. when a building is demolished with a grab, the building is in danger of collapsing at any time. the demolition should start from the height of the building.

2. under no circumstances should the gripper be used as a lever, which will cause the gripper to deform or seriously damage the gripper.

3. it is forbidden to grasp the edge part of rock structure in order to prevent tearing damage or fracture of welding part.

4. prohibit any operation beyond the specification in order to prevent damage or tear.

5. it is forbidden to use grabs to pull heavy objects, which will cause serious damage to grabs, and may also cause uneven excavators, resulting in accidents.

6. grab and excavator arm of wood, keep in vertical position. when the grab holds stones or other objects, do not extend the suspender to a large extent, or it will cause the excavator to overturn instantaneously.

7. it is forbidden to travel or move when the wood grabber is clamped with an iron barrel containing reinforced concrete.

8. it is forbidden to work on slopes, which is in danger of overturning.

9. ensure that there are no high-voltage lines and transmission lines not close to poles in the working environment.

correct operation behavior is not only the protection of machinery, but also the basic guarantee for the personal safety of construction personnel.

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