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how to preserve lotus grab fittings to prevent failure
after shutdown, lotus grab machine needs to be disassembled in order to better carry out the maintenance of spare parts. the management of spare parts is related to the use effect and service life of the machine after assembly. so, what should be done for the storage and management of spare parts and dismantled spare parts?

1. the lotus grasping machine should complete the disassembly work first. according to the general characteristics of the mechanical equipment, the reasonable disassembly sequence should be selected. the disassembly sequence of the machine is generally that the whole assembly is disassembled first, and the assembly is disassembled into parts, or the parts are disassembled into parts, or accessories to the main engine, from the outside to the inside.

2. classified storage of spare parts should follow the following principles: parts of the same assembly or the same part should be put together as far as possible; parts should be stored separately according to their size and precision; parts that should not be exchanged should be stored in groups; tight parts that are afraid of dirty and touching should be separately disassembled and stored; rubber parts that are afraid of oil should not be stored with oil-bearing parts; and parts that are easy to lose. parts such as gaskets and nuts should be wired together or placed in special containers; bolts should be stored in nuts.

3. mark well. there are many parts and components in the machine. because of the selection or weight balance, the position and direction of the assembly are not allowed to change. therefore, when disassembling, disassemble according to the sequence number. if the original mark has been confused and not cleaned, it should be re-marked as it is, so that it can be seated correctly in order to avoid confusion when installing.

4. before long-term storage, the lotus grasp fittings should be cleaned, maintained, repaired and damaged, and cleaned up to maintain good technical condition.

6. before storage, depending on the size of the peeling area of the rust-proof paint on the outer surface, it is necessary to determine whether it is repaired by repairing or by re-spraying the paint on the whole machine.

7. the rust-proof method for bare metal is to apply butter.

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