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winter preheating of car scissors
because of the influence of low temperature in winter, it is more challenging for the use of disassembly shears and other machinery. once the maintenance is not in place or the operation is not standardized, the brittle structure of disassembly shears will fracture directly, which is also a potential safety hazard.

in order to prevent frozen parts from being damaged, sunrise, drying and shelter should be selected for storage, while the importance of pre-heating should be paid attention to in construction.

when the temperature decreases, the sealing parts of the oil cylinder and hydraulic pipe joint of the equipment will crack and shrink, resulting in leakage of the seal. the strength and stiffness of the transmission connectors and bolts will also be reduced due to the influence of low temperature, such as leakage of the water seal plate on the side of the engine, loosening of the screw of the transmission shaft, peeling off of the pin connection, etc. when starting at low temperature, because of the high oil viscosity, the lubricating oil will be insufficient in a short time and can not be spread all over the lubricating points. at this time, if the engine runs at high speed, the wear of crankshafts, camshafts and rocker shafts will be aggravated, and the movable joints of disassembly shears will be broken due to excessive application of force. therefore, we should strengthen the inspection, do preheating activities to find problems in time, eliminate small hidden dangers, and avoid causing major failures.

after the preheating is over, it's better to do some basic operation work instead of working at the beginning. generally speaking, the electronic testing machine is to do some basic movements of ascending and descending. hydraulic testing machines use hand-controlled boxes to move up and down. for the mechanical tension testing machine, it is necessary to try whether the fixture body can work properly or not. when carrying out the experiment, do not be too impatient. the operation should be carried out slowly first, and then in the normal working state.

every day before and after the start of construction, strict inspection should be carried out to avoid the occurrence of man-made accidents, ensure the normal operation of equipment and ensure the normal construction in winter.

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