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requirements for replacement of fittings for wood grabbers
after a long period of production, many moving parts and supporting parts may be damaged to a certain extent, such as failure, wear and damage, which may lead to the instability of the working state and ability of the grabber, and even affect the normal use of the machine and the smooth operation of the grabbing operation.

the treatment of damaged parts can be divided into two ways: maintenance and replacement. in the process of fault treatment, maintenance and replacement should be reasonably selected. maintenance and repair have specific repair process, but for replacement of new parts, attention should be paid to the relevant requirements, in order to avoid aggravation of damage caused by parts problems.

1. for parts that can continue to use or can continue to use after treatment, the repair method should be chosen to deal with, which is conducive to saving the cost of mechanical maintenance. in the process of repair, if a reasonable method can be adopted, not only the use function of the parts can be restored, but also the performance of the parts can be improved. for parts that can not continue to use or use dangerous parts, the repair method should be adopted. it should be replaced resolutely.

2. when purchasing new grabbers, we should pay attention to the quality of the parts and identify the fake and inferior products. we should carefully check whether the parts have rust spots, cracks, deformation and other defects, and whether the surface size meets the requirements.

3. the rust-proof coating on the surface of new fittings should be cleaned up before assembling, especially for precision parts, so as to avoid the hidden danger of accidents in grabbing wood.

4. standard parts and enlarged parts of the same type are not universal. manufacturers will produce larger size parts for users to choose when repairing. therefore, when choosing and purchasing accessories, it is necessary to determine whether the purchased parts are standard parts or larger parts. for standard parts, the journal can only be equipped with standard crankshaft bush. otherwise, the workload of scraping the bush is very large, which wastes time, can not guarantee the repair quality, and will greatly reduce the service life.

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