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key points of lotus maintenance
as a multi-petal grab, lotus grab is especially suitable for loading and unloading of large and medium-sized excavators and other carrying equipment. the machine is made of special steel with light texture and high wear resistance. compared with other similar types of machine tools, on the basis of the same grasping force, the opening width, to small weight and performance have significant advantages.

hydraulic lotus grasp adopts built-in design of oil cylinder high pressure hose to protect hose. in addition, considering the nature of the work and the impact of the working environment, in order to reduce the damage caused by external force feedback to the machine, the lotus grab cylinder is equipped with cushion cushion with shock absorption function, which provides safety operation protection for the use of the machine to a great extent, and provides more protection for prolonging the service life of the machine.

lotus grasps the structure as well as the performance has done the elaborate processing, in the maintenance work also must pay more attention to the detail processing, thus more effectively completes the maintenance work:

1. tightening: lotus grasp operation will produce vibration, bolts, pins, etc. will produce loosening, which will lead to the separation of the lotus grasp connection, or even fracture. therefore, regular inspection of connectors should be carried out regularly.

2. lubrication: according to the material requirements and lubrication requirements of its clamping connector, lubrication is carried out regularly to reduce the wear of parts and improve the service life of its clamping device.

3. replacement: regular replacement of vulnerable parts, such as o-rings, connectors and other vulnerable parts. as long as it is maintained regularly, its life and efficiency can be better protected.

here, lotus grab sales factory should remind you that the correct operation and standard maintenance work is the basic work of lotus grab and other equipment for durable use, details can not be ignored.

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